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One thing I always keep in mind is that buying or selling property should be a pleasurable experience for my client. Achieving that takes people skills and advanced knowledge with an emphasis on communication. These are the largest purchases and sales most people will ever make, so being in the dark is not an option. My first goal is to always uncover my client’s goals and priorities and then line up my focus, determination and expertise to create a sense of urgency and make them happen.      

The first 6 years of my real estate experience was as a broker with CBRE, a global leader in commercial real estate. At CBRE, I learned the art of negotiation by working among other very skilled brokers in the business of buying, selling and leasing commercial properties for entrepreneurs and corporations that demanded a bottom line every transaction. Understanding and negotiating contracts is where the money is often made and lost in real estate. Especially given the current ‘low inventory’ market conditions that we are experiencing, it is not a matter of simply finding properties to buy or simply putting a sign in the yard to sell, but putting a client in a position to win with well-crafted buying strategies or carefully marketing and structuring a property sale and then managing the buyers to achieve maximum value for the property. Even though a relatively skilled agent can sometimes get a home sold--very few can extract the top value from a property in any given market.    

Real estate, even when purchasing as a family with subjective lifestyle considerations, has a financial dimension that must be considered and understood as if by an investor. By thoroughly understanding my client’s needs and looking ahead to an exit strategy, I never take my eye off a property’s value and try to help them avoid making short term decisions that might cost them money.    

I look forward to having the opportunity to team with you to successfully identify and secure your new home.

Tim, what you did for us was to make our transition easier, not easy, but much easier.  You sensed that it would be a difficult transition and even though you had found us what we felt was our dream home, with an incredible yard and interior, a place to entertain our family and guests where we could continue to build memories, you also knew it would still be a difficult “sell” to get us to understand the vision.  You helped us “see” the future, the value and most importantly, you took the time to understand what Jena and I were all about; you cared about the values we have and wanted to keep.  From that you appreciated what we were feeling and also respected us enough to tell us when we were looking at the “wrong” house and gently pushed our eyes to what you knew was the best fit for us, not you.  This was so important to me.  You didn’t look at this as a large real estate transaction, but rather a personal relationship that you wanted to build upon and treasure.  This was the most important basis for working with you--that you valued us more. Thank you so much--Kirk and Jena

--One of the most heartfelt and honest evaluations from a valued client